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5 Quick Google Rank boosting Tips must have for Every Website !

Does the prospect of writing salescopy make you want to run for the hills? You’re not alone… but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Writing for the Web (especially when it comes to writing salescopy) doesn’t have to be hard work – because you can forget about all those nit-picky grammar rules from school!  
Instead, there’s only one rule: Write the way you talk!  
Imagine you’re actually talking face-to-face with your reader when you write your salescopy and you’ll find the words just begin to flow.  

Tip #1: Make sure your headline communicate a clear, compelling benefit  

Your headline should be the first thing your readers see when they arrive at your website.  

So it MUST grab them by the eyeballs and compel them to keep reading.  

And the best way to do this is to tell them exactly how they will benefit from reading on.  

  • . What’s in it for them?  
  • . How are you going to make their life better?  
  • . How will you solve their biggest problem?  

Tip #2: Keep your sentence structure simple  

On the Web, you’ve got an audience with a very limited attention span. 

So don’t try and feed them a thesis. Your readers’ time is in short supply so they’re not going to stick around for long. They want information – and they want it fast!  

Short sentences are always easier to read than long sentences. Help your readers digest your information 

Quickly – and get them to take action.  

Tip #3: Use punctuation to suit YOUR needs  

Punctuation is one of your best friends when it comes to making your salescopy readable… so use it wisely!  

Again, you don’t have to follow the rules you were taught in school. Rather, you should use punctuation to:  

  • . Make your salescopy flow…  
  • . Help ease your readers’ eyes down the page…  
  • . Make your content clear.  

These kind of bulleted lists are very easy to read.  

Dashes – like these – break up longer sentences and make important phrases leap off the page.  

All caps can be used (sparingly) to add some STRONG emphasis when you need it… and ellipses are great for keeping your copy flowing from one point to the next.  

Tip #4: Format using SCUIB !  

SCIUB stand for:  

  • . Size  
  • . Color  
  • . Italics  
  • . Underline  
  • . Bold  

You should use each of these formatting tools strategically – and sparingly – throughout your salescopy.  

They can be used for many purposes, such as… 

  • . Adding emphasis to your keywords  
  • . Make your benefits leap out from the page  
  • . Highlighting important points  
  • . Keeping your readers’ eyes moving down the page  

Tip #5: Read your work out loud after you’ve written it  

The BEST way to see if your salescopy reads well is to read it… out loud!  

Make a note of any words or sentences you stumble over and then re-write them. If YOU stumble over anything that you’ve written yourself, you can GUARANTEE your visitors will also have trouble reading it.  

Reading your salescopy out loud also helps you check the flow, build-up of excitement, and drive towards your call to action.

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